Where’s that car I wanted to see?
Our auto show, in the Capital Region market, is different than some larger markets. The manufacturers do not, for the most part, send cars or product specialists here, as they do at the very largest shows. Most of our cars and staffing come from local dealers, often sponsored by the manufacturers. While the dealers will request certain vehicles for the show, they may or may not get them, depending on the cost to send the vehicles and what other shows are going on around the country. The dealers actually may not know, until the day before the show, when we move in the cars, specifically what inventory they have available for the show. Of course, they want to showcase the snazziest stuff! That’s why we only advertise special new models, and also add a disclaimer for availability. We’ll do our best to update information after the cars move in! It’s still the largest showcase and greatest variety under one roof in the region.
Why are a few cars locked?
When the manufacturers send what is called a “concept car,” or a special race car or other promotional vehicle that is not yet for sale, they are just meant to look at from the outside. These are very expensive prototypes, and that’s why they are kept locked. Typically, they would be up on a platform or carousel. The interiors do not have the correct or full features of a car that would be sold. These cars are usually delivered by tractor trailer and only handled by one person.
I don’t plan to buy a car for a few months, or even a year, so why go to the auto show?
New models used to come out at a certain time of year, but now they come out all year long, at different times for different makes and models. The Auto Show is your best opportunity to compare vehicles without driving around town, all indoors, and to see and feel the cars, trucks and vans. You can make good contacts with people from local dealerships and talk to them with no pressure to buy. You can find both the type of car you may want in the future and someone you feel comfortable buying it from. Grab some business cards and you will be a step ahead when you are ready to buy. Of course, we’re a little biased, but we think it’s fun, too!
What is there at the show to entertain the kids (or me)?

Stay Tuned! The Albany Auto Show will be listing the 2019 entertainment as it gets closer to the show.

Can I check out all the electronics in the cars?
Unfortunately, the Fire Code requires disconnected batteries. This can be a challenge for the staff who want to show you all the whiz bang stuff the cars have inside. It’s kind of like doing a computer show without electricity. But, many exhibitors provide attendees with special equipment to view internal features! Of course there is also so much you can see and feel, like how the interior fits you and your life style, and how much cargo space there is. Once you see what you like at the show, you can narrow things down and visit a dealership for a test drive.