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With a major purchase such as a vehicle, it’s very important to select a repair facility as soon as you can, if you didn’t already when purchasing, so that you are ready if the need arises!  The non-profit, Car Care Council, recommends asking yourself six simple questions to help identify the right auto repair shop to properly care for one of your most valuable assets, your car!

  1. Does the business employ ASE-certified technicians? Credentials and affiliations are indicators of professionalism and the management’s commitment to training and education. New car dealerships place a high priority on training, much of it mandated by the manufacturers.


  1. Is the shop and customer waiting area clean and organized? Cleanliness and organization are signs of a well-run business. ENYCAR dealerships have an extensive safety and health program that encourages clean, organized, safe workplaces.


  1. Are customers greeted and treated in a friendly and respectful manner? Many auto repair businesses excel in the area of customer service and satisfaction. A simple phone call to the shop to inquire about their services can give you a glimpse of how they treat customers.


  1. Does the business provide a written estimate? The business should complete a written estimate and request your signature prior to starting any repairs on your car. This is required by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.


  1. Does the business offer a warranty? Most auto repair businesses offer a warranty on parts and labor and the warranty is usually in writing or posted in the waiting area. To utilize your manufacturer warranty, you must go to a new car dealership of that car make.


  1. Does the business have a list of satisfied customers or references that it is willing to give you? Satisfied customers and recommendations from family, friends and neighbors are helpful in finding a good shop. Many auto repair facilities also have company websites that are worth checking out as they often include testimonials and additional information about the business. Take online review sites with a grain of salt, though, as dissatisfied customers post more than satisfied customers!  In spite of what you may read to the contrary, the vast majority (over 80%) of customers are quite satisfied with their new car dealership experience.

“A vehicle is a major purchase for most people, so it makes sense to take the time to select an auto repair facility that will take the best care of that investment,” says Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “Being an informed auto care consumer means not only learning about your vehicle and its service needs, but also the facility that will make the repairs.”

So, go through these six questions to help select your repair shop, because it’s well worth the time spent now, versus an emergency situation, where you may not have the time (or mental capacity!) to properly decide on the right place!  New car dealerships depend on long term relationships and positive word of mouth.  We always recommend servicing where you buy!

Reported by Kim Perrella

ENYCAR’s Vice President of Auto Shows and Member Relations




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